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Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart in a container of seed starting mix. Keep moist but not soggy, and very warm, 80°F (27°C). Provide a strong light source until seedlings are ready to plant outside. When seedlings are 2 inches tall, transplant into individual 4 inch pots. Maintain at 70°F (21°C). These burgundy 4-6 oz., ribbed tomatoes are richly flavored and perfect for slicing onto sandwiches. Developed by Craig LeHoullier as part of the Dwarf Tomato project. Determinate. USDA Certified Organic. Avg. 160,000 seeds/lb. Mini: 15 seeds. Packet: 40 seeds. Size: Packet In Stock $7.20 100 Seeds In Stock $14.82 250 Seeds In Stock $28.36

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Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato Ideal for Containers Plants grow 2-3 ft. tall Continuous fruiting Open pollinated One of our favorites for growing in containers, Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato is a stout, sturdy dwarf tomato plant that grows 2-3 ft. tall. It's ideal for growing in containers or small spaces and barely needs staking. Compact 3-4' plants support medium-sized beefsteaks on sturdy stems. A cross between 'New Big Dwarf' and 'Paul Robeson,' it's a heavy producer of beautiful, chocolate-red, fruits with delicious, savory full flavor. Disease resistant, too. 85 days to maturity. All of our Tomatoes are grown from non-GMO seed.

The Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato May 6, 2020August 20, 2019by Dave This year one of the tomato varieties I decided to grow was the 'Tasmanian Chocolate'tomato. It's a determinate variety that is well suited for growing in pots. It's determinant and grows to about 3 feet tall, at least the plant I grew did in my trial this year. Typical of most tomatoes, Tasmanian Chocolate Tomatoes thrive in full sun and rich, well-fertilized soil. To grow from seeds, start the tomatoes inside roughly six weeks before the last frost. Keep them warm and moist while germinating, then transplant them to direct soil or pots.

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Small plant, large fruit best describes the Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato. This dwarf tomato is a cross between New Big Dwarf and Paul Roberson. Developed by members of the "Dwarf Tomato Project". Sturdy, small stature plants produce burgundy 4 to 6 oz. tomatoes, excellent flavor and size for slicing. Well suited for a patio or container plant. 85 days, dwarf — The plants of 'Tasmanian Chocolate' have dark green, regular leaf, rugose foliage, stout central stems, and grows to three to four feet in height. Perfect for a large pot or garden. The fruits are oblate, ranging from five to twelve ounces, and ripen to a deep mahogany color. Flavor is full, balanced and delicious.

Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato #00752 Questions? Call 1-800-345-5977 70 Days. A unique dwarf tomato! Sturdy, 2 to 3 foot plants, with dark green rugose foliage, produce large 8 to 12 ounce, beefsteak type fruits that ripen to a beautiful mahogany red. Full of delicious, balanced flavor and perfect for eating fresh or cooked. Tasmanian Chocolate is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium fruit that ripen to brownish brick red color. The flavor is well balanced, mild and sweet, and the variety is quite prolific. It originated from a cross made by Patrina Nuske Small between New Big Dwarf and Paul Robeson, named Happy.

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Product Code: TF-0493E Description Regular leaf, rugose foliage, 3-4', dwarf plant with stout central stem, produces a big crop of oblate, 5-7 oz., tomatoes that ripen to a deep mahogany color. The flavor is well balanced, sweet and delicious. History: Developed by the Dwarf Tomato Project. Tasmanian Chocolate tomatoes from Renee's Garden Seeds are new this year. These heirloom tomatoes are meant for growing in containers or small gardens because plants grow to around 3 feet tall. They'll be ready to eat 80-85 days from transplanting. The Jung Seed catalog offers a cherry-sized hybrid called Chocolate Sprinkles.

Tasmanian Chocolate is an amazing stabilized cross between the famous Paul Robeson Tomato and New Big Dwarf. These plants have a unique look, staying between 2-3 ½ feet tall, with dark green rugose foliage. The fruit are between 6-12 ounces and are a chocolate mahogany color, with a deliciously balanced flavor profile that makes it perfect for. Product Details. Botanical Name: Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Tasmanian Chocolate'. Season: both Spring & Fall. Zone: 3-9. Days to Maturity: 70-75 Days. Fruit: Burgundy to mahogany 8 oz fruits. 2-3' compact plants. Size: 30 Seed Packet. Shipping Information. Spring 2023 Shipping Schedule.

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Tasmanian Chocolate Dwarf Tomato. $ 2.50 - $ 3.25. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) Tasmanian Chocolate dwarf tomato is a full flavored and beautiful fruit. They grow on plants that are about 3.5 feet tall. These will perform well in buckets or in the ground. Plants produce plenty, light chocolate colored. Plant database entry for Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum 'Tasmanian Chocolate') with 6 images and 43 data details. Learning Library. Learning Library Homepage; Plant Care Guides; Food Gardening Guides; Weed Library. Tomato Plant Height: 4 feet: Best Uses: Slicing: Growth Mode: Indeterminate: Earliness: Mid-season: History: Dwarf Tomato Project.