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Opel/Vauxhall Corsa D 1.3 CDTi (A13DTC) EGR Valve location Albert Shaqiri 34 subscribers Subscribe 101 22K views 3 years ago The video briefly shows the position of the EGR valve in. Replace EGR valve Remove 1. Open bonnet 2. Disconnect earth connection from battery • Undo nut 3. Raise vehicle by its full height 4. Place collecting basin underneath. 6. Lower vehicle 7. Disconnect ignition module wiring harness plug (1) 8. Disconnect wiring harness plug of EGR valve (2) 9. Detach engine transport shackle (3) • Unscrew bolt (4)

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Don't bother trying to remove and clean the egr valve on a corsa d 1.3l diesel. It may not work and for the time and effort involved in removing it in the first place you are better to replace it with the correct new OEM part. Quite satisfying when done. Any pics of the location of the EGR valve in the engine bay? Click to expand. Looking at the engine from the front of the car, on the right of the inlet manifold. Have to take out battery, wipers, cowling and drain coolant to get it out, a right pain in the arse! SaveShare ReplyQuote M MarkTickner ·Registered Joined Feb 24, 2013 147 Posts

HOW TO CLEAN EGR VALVE ON OPEL CORSA 1.3CDTI mechanic for cars 20K subscribers Subscribe 547 Share Save 137K views 4 years ago In this video is shown how to remove and clean egr valve because. There is not much difference in the location of the EGR valve in the most vehicle: Search around the engine side or top to locate the valve. Another place to look is near the intake or exhaust manifold. Also, Look thoroughly around the throttle body. Some valves can be seen around the engine part that closer to the steering or hidden away under.

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EGR Valve Testing EGR Valve Location Your vehicle's EGR valve is typically located at the top of the engine and generally connects to a pipe that runs from your exhaust. If you know what you're looking for, the EGR valve is usually very straightforward to find and get access to. Is it possible to clean the egr valve on a Corsa D 07 Z14XEP engine ? the housing for the egr also has what looks like a water pipe connected to it ( is it water or air ) just priced one main dealer is looking for €170 for new thats around £145

The electronic EGR valve and solenoid assembly (3) is attached to the front of the right cylinder head (1). An exhaust gas routing tube connects the EGR valve to the intake manifold. Disconnect electrical connector (1) from EGR solenoid (2). Remove two bolts (3) connecting EGR tube (4) to valve assembly. Mechanical EGR Valve location and cleaning 55496 Views 12 Replies 11 Participants Last post by r19kkk , Dec 22, 2011 B bloopeta Discussion Starter · Mar 29, 2008 I have had car on diagnostic today as emission light is on, and it is saying EGR valve is slow or something.

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Answer: You're going to be looking towards the side of the engine. The hose for the EGR valve connects to the engine just below the upper, large, radiator hose. The EGR hose is smaller than the radiator hose and easy to spot. Follow the hose back on the side of the engine and you will find the EGR valve. Corsa E Technical Area Engine and Drivetrain EGR valve location? 751 Views 14 Replies 3 Participants Last post by jamesderby83 , Jan 17, 2023 jamesderby83 Discussion Starter · Jan 16, 2023 Hi all, I have the 1.4 XEL 90ps (2015) engine. Does anyone have a photo or an explanation as to the location of the egr valve please? Thanks 😊 Reply Save Like

A new EGR valve will cost depending on car model between £90 - £350. The labour costs for replacement are usually significantly higher. Here it depends on the hourly rate of the workshop and how long the replacement takes. The average in the UK is about £60 - £150 per hour. The total price includes the diagnosis, a new EGR valve and its. How to Test an EGR Valve Locate the EGR valve Look for a round, thick, metal disc about three inches in diameter. In most cases, you'll find it around the top area and to one side of the engine. You may need to look between and under some components on your vehicle. Also, you should see a thin, vacuum line connected to the top of the valve.

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The EGR Valve For combustion to occur in your car, it is necessary to draw in the air (which is approximately 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen) from outside of the vehicle. The air combines with fuel and ignites in the combustion chamber where temperatures reach over 1370°C. Apr 29, 2021. #10. I've got a kit from Dirty Diesel (FLO-301009) that includes the 2 block off/seal plates, coolant hoses and other hardware that works with full EGR removal if you choose. Supplied coolant hoses connect the in and out of the (removed) cooler together, a convenient bypass method.